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§ How to apply for membership in the Japan Society of Family Sociology

Membership in the Society is confirmed by the approval of the Society痴 Board of Directors.

Membership Application Procedure
Please complete the application form here and return it by e-mail to the Administration Center of the Society (jsfs-office@bunken.co.jp) as an attachment. Name the e-mail 溺ember application.
After reviewing the application form, the Administration Center will send a form for payment of the membership fee (credit card or bank/postal transfer).

Annual fees are 7,000 yen for general membership and 5,000 yen for student membership. Upon confirmation of the annual membership fee payment, the applicant will be provisionally registered as a member and will become entitled to services provided by the Secretariat of the Society including submissions to the Society's bi-annual journal Kazoku-shakai-gaku kenkyu (Japanese Journal of Family Sociology) and presentations at annual conferences. Formal member registration will take place upon the approval of the applicant's membership by the Society痴 Board of Directors at its official meeting. The annual membership includes subscriptions to newsletters and the Kazoku-shakai-gaku kenkyu.

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