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2008.5.25 The 2008 POME Workshop in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia CLICK HERE@ PDF
2008.5.19-20 The 8th National Coordinators' Meeting of JSPS Multilateral Core University Program "Coastal Marine Science" in Melaka Malaysia CLICK HERE@ PDF
2006.12.21 Reports of the 6th Coordinators' Meeting and three workshops have been available on this site. CLICK HERE
2006.11.6-8 6th Session of National Coordinators' Meeting in Viet Nam
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2005.10.17 A Field Guide 'Fishes in Libong Island' has been published online. CLICK HERE
2005.8.26 The 2nd Seminor of JSPS Multilateral Core University Program on Coastal Oceanography was held in Tokyo, Aug. 24-26, 2005. for more information